Mehmet & Metin Bahcecik who styled the cinema, music and fashion stars in their saloons in 1970s, opened their Ulus branch in the year 1991.

MM Bahcecik has become an ecole in hairdressing with a visionary business manner, that combines the classic and modern. Today, MM Bahcecik provides service on four locations which are Ulus (Centre Salon), The Ritz-Carlton/Suzer Plaza, Acarkent/Beykoz and Tarabya.

MM Bahcecik embodies a dynamic team spirit, innovation, visionary work discipline and flawless customer satisfaction behind its brand power. MM Bahcecik has been leading the hair fashion trends with their Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collections that are shot each year with a different celebrity since 1999.

MM Bahcecik has been collaborating with L’Oréal since first day, and a proud member of Artistic Hairdressers.

MM Bahçecik salonlarının marka tercihi

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